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“Kurganmashzavod” JSC is one of the leading enterprises of the Russian military industrial complex, it is the only country enterprise producing infantry fighting vehicles.

The enterprise was found in 1950. In 1954 after the production rearrangement the plant started to produce military equipment, such as tracked prime movers which were used for exploration and development of oil deposits. Since 1967 Kurganmashzavod has been manufacturing infantry fighting vehicles in batch. At present «Kurganmashzavod» JSC produces military equipment as well as a wide range of non-military products.

Main products:
infantry fighting vehicles;
multipurpose public service constructing vehicles (MKSM)with load-carrying capacity of 800 to 1000 kg with various functional mountings;
CHETRA TM-140 tracked transport vehicles of various modifications;
car trailers.

A new equipment has been brought into operation in “Kurganmashzavod”, such as: Aichelin heat treatment furnaces, Mazak metal working machines etc. A batch of machines producing gear-wheels by Gleason American company has been bought. Nowadays “Kurganmashzavod” JSC is a large machine building complex equipped with the most up-to-date equipment providing for the full manufacturing cycle from all types of mechanical processing to assembling and integrated tests of finished production.

The official websites: the website with non-military products, the website with military products.
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